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London’s Best Protected RFID Blocking wallet

Classic and elegant, MGB® Wallets create the finest RFID blocking wallets available for use on contactless transport systems around the world. There is a wide range of styles to choose from and these wallets help to protect against identity theft.

Includes A Unique Pouch for Travel cards

Special Travel Card Pouch

They are unique, not like any ordinary RFID blocking wallet, as they have a special feature not found in other wallets. MGB® Wallets have a special pocket inside for your Oyster card, this allows you to use an Oyster card to travel on the train, tube, and buses in London, without having to take the Oyster card out of your wallet. You just touch the wallet on the reader and go through the gate. No more more hassle with the Oyster card clashing with your contactless credit and debit cards. MGB® Wallets stop card-clash.

MGB® Wallets have a highly knowledgeable team of staff at the helm, our aim is to provide a fast, reliable and effective service. We maintain high standards in selecting the very best materials for our genuine leather RDID blocking wallets which can be confirmed through customer and client testimonials.

Security is often a difficult thing to come by, however with an MGB® Wallet, the RFID blocking / shielding abilities of the wallet protect you and your identity by creating a secure wallet. We are always looking at new ways to provide protection for you the customer, and are constantly working to expand our product range to include high quality goods that protect you and your identity.

We have customers and clients throughout the United Kingdom and Europe and continue to grow and build new relationships in the global marketplace. Join us and become another happy customer and stop thieves from stealing your identity and your money.

We are so confident you will be 100% satisfied with your RFID blocking wallet, that we offer a 30 day Money-back Guarantee on ALL our wallets.

STOP Contactless Card Theives From Stealing Your Indentity Today!