About Us

About us – We are MGB Wallets, we are based in the UK and we pride ourselves on the quality and ingenuity of our products. All of our products are made to the highest standards and are made from genuine leather. We have designed our wallets to give you the customer, the best possible safety and security to protect your money and personal details.

All of our wallets provide RFID shielding. This protects your contactless payment cards (credit and debit cards) from being read by a card reader either accidentally or without your knowledge. We have also included a special travel card pocket to each wallet. This feature is an extra card pocket inside the wallet that is not RFID shielded. By using this pocket to carry your travel card (for example: Oyster card),  it allows your travel card to be read by a card reader without removing it from your wallet. This prevents card clash while maintaining good security for your contactless payment cards.

We hope you enjoy using our wallets to protect your money and your personal details. We are always constantly working hard to develop new designs and products to make our customers lives a little better. Please check our website from time to time to see our new products.