How Digital Pickpocketing works


Digital Pickpocketing

Digital Pickpocketing is a relatively new phenomenon, its a new scam on a new technology. As times change so does technology and the new technology coming to the high street is contactless payment cards.

Almost everyone has a bank card or a credit card, and the banks seem keen to push this new contactless technology. It is being marketed as a quicker and more convenient way to pay for things. This is true it does speed up the time it takes to pay for things, at least for small transactions. The one thing that has not been publicised is the safety aspects of carrying a contactless card with you.

Look for the RFID Contacless Card Symbol

rfid credit cardIf your contactless card comes in contact with a RFID signal from a card reader it will automatically send information back, that’s just the way it works. Your contactless card doesn’t need you to agree to a transaction or enter a pin number etc. it just coughs up your card details to any RFID reader that asks for them. This is not good in crowded places.

An RFID card reader or RFID scanner are small enough to be carried by hand and can be used anywhere. You have probably seen mobile chip and pin card readers used at restaurants and bars, well guess what. Most of those portable readers can now take contactless payments. If the card reader or scanner is fitted with a slightly bigger or more powerful antenna it can read card details from quite a long distance and even read multiple cards at once!

This is one of the drawbacks of the technology. There are ways to protect yourself but for some reason it is not highly advertised, this is probably because the banks don’t want people to see the flaws in the new technology they are embracing.

Protect your Identity from theft

Now you know how it works its time to protect yourself. The best way to protect yourself in crowded areas like trains buses and the London Underground, is to use a RFID blocking or  RFID shielded wallet. If you don’t use a wallet or a purse which has RFID blocking / shielding you are completely vulnerable to digital pickpocketing.

Remember a thief with a portable RFID scanner or card reader doesn’t even have to touch you to steal your card details. They only have to get close enough to send and receive RFID signals to your contactless cards.

I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t walk around with your name, credit card number and expiry date written on the outside of your back pocket or your handbag would you? Of course not don’t be silly… But think again if you are in crowded place close to other people it only takes a split second for a thief to steal your card details without you even knowing.

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