Oyster friendly no more card clash!

no-more-card-clashFinally there is a wallet that lets you use your oyster card without taking it out of your wallet again. Great, no more card clash! With new technology now allowing your debit cards and credit cards to be read on an oyster reader there is a huge risk of card clash. this means the oyster reader will not work because it can read more than one card. Even worse it has been reported that people have had money taken off their debit cards and credit cards when using and oyster reader as it read the wrong card and not the oyster card.

We are being told that the only way to stop card clash is to keep your oyster card separate. For most people this means taking their oyster card out of their wallet which is inconvenient and not very safe. But now with the new wallet from MGB you don’t have to worry about card clash.

MGB wallets are made to shield all your bank cards and credit cards. This means your cards are protected from being accidentally read by any card reader, you will never have card clash again! Inside each MGB wallet there is a special travel card pocket for your oyster card. This pocket allows your oyster card to be read by an oyster reader. The oyster reader will only read your oyster card or any card you put in the travel card pocket. The MGB wallets protect all your other cards so they cannot be read. By separating the cards this way the MGB wallet provides maximum protection for your debit and credit cards, but still gives you the convenience of using the oyster card with out taking it out of your wallet.


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