RFID testing with the oyster card

RFID testing with the Oyster card to see how well the MGB Wallets block RFID signals from the Oyster reader


Oyster card testingWe tested each wallet to see how well they worked at blocking RFID signals from the oyster card. The oyster card was place in the different card pockets in each wallet and tested on the oyster card reader to see if it could be read or not. This exercise shows how well the patented radiation blocking material works, at blocking the RFID signals from the oyster card to the oyster reader. The material we use to line every card pocket in the wallets has a unique ability to block the antenna of any contactless payment card or any RFID card such as the oyster card. Once the card comes into contact with this special material it can no longer receive or send RFID signals, as the antenna is blocked. This protects the card being read and the chip stays dormant. When the card is then taken out of the card pocket it works perfectly.

As you can see by the testing the oyster card cannot be read at all by the oyster card reader until it is put into the specially designed travel card pocket. Once the oyster card is put in the travel card pocket and the wallet touched on the oyster card reader, the oyster card is read by the oyster card reader through the wallet and the gate opens just the way its supposed to. Have a look at the videos below to see the wallets in action.

Click on the wallets to watch the testing videos

MGB Burke Wallet
MGB Burke RFID Blocking Wallet

MGB Metropolitan Wallet

MGB Metropolitan RFID Blocking Wallet

MGB Carmine Wallet

MGB Carmine RFID Blocking Wallet

MGB Gotham Wallet

MGB Gotham RFID Blocking Wallet

MGB Hamlet Wallet

MGB Hamlet RFID Blocking Wallet / Purse

MGB Maverick Wallet

MGB Maverick RFID Blocking Wallet