Thousands of credit cards lost on the tube as customers pull their oyster cards out of their wallets to travel

Thousands of credit cards lost!

Since the introduction of the wave and pay or contactless payment method to travel, using your debit or credit card on the tube; hundreds of credit cards lost and  handed in to the lost property office on a weekly basis. This is all because of card clash. Card clash occurs when you touch a card reader with more than one card. For example if you have more than one card in your wallet that can be read by the card reader, say a contactless credit card and an oyster card, and you touch your wallet on the card reader, this will create a card clash. The reader will not work as it is reading 2 cards. Before the introduction of the wave and pay or contactless card payment method, customers on the tube could keep their oyster cards in their wallets and simply touch their wallet on the reader to open the gate. Now you have to keep you cards separate, so people have been taking their oyster card out of their wallets to use the readers. MGB wallets have solved the problem of card clash by developing special wallets that protect you credit and debit cards from being read but still allow you to touch your wallet on the reader to read your oyster card without taking it out of your wallet.

special-travel-card-pocketIts all down to this special travel card pocket that allows you to keep you oyster card in your wallet again. MGB wallets are RFID shielded which means they block RFID signals from reaching any of your contactless payment cards. The only card that can be read is the one in the special travel card pocket. Brilliant!

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