What is electronic pickpocketing?

Electronic Pickpocketing

electronic-pickpocketUnfortunately with new technology comes new ways to get scammed. There are mobile readers that can copy your card details simply by touching or brushing up against your wallet or pocket. This is known as electronic pickpocketing. Unfortunately there is actually an app can be download from the internet to read the information from your credit and debit cards using a mobile smart phone. Once your details have been collected a thief can then use your card details to purchase things. Don’t get scammed always protect you self by using an RFID shielded wallet.

An RFID shielded or an RFID blocking wallet stops thieves getting your card details with a mobile card reader or a smart phone and protects you from electronic pickpocketing. However not all RFID wallets are the same. You can buy cheap RFID wallets but they are usually just lined with tinfoil. Tinfoil just reflects RFID signals it doesn’t completely block them, especially if the wallet is not entirely closed. Most of the cheaper RFID wallets just have tinfoil in the outer lining this doesn’t protect your cards very well.

MGB wallets are made to provide maximum protection for all the cards in your wallet, giving you ultimate peace of mind when it comes to electronic pickpocketing. We use a special patented radiation shielding material that is used as lining for all the card pockets and even the change pockets. This ensures that everything in your wallet is protected. We did however add a special travel card pocket inside each wallet. The travel card pocket is insulated from the rest of the wallet and allows you to use an oyster card to travel on the tube or buses without taking the oyster card out of your wallet. As the special travel card pocket is insulated from the rest of the wallet it is the only pocket that can be read by an oyster card reader, everything else in the wallet is completely shielded. You won’t find this feature in any other RFID shielded or RFID blocking wallet.

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