What is RFID blocking or shielding?

RFID Blocking or Shielding

RFID stands for Radio-Frequency IDentification. This refers to small electronic chip and Contactless-paymentan antenna within your debit or credit card that stores information. This is a new technology that allows you to pay for things with your contactless debit or credit cards. The technology is known as contactless payment or wave and pay. It allows you to pay for things with your contactless card by simply touching it to a reader or waving it over a reader. This technology is new and most new debit and credit cards are fitted with a chip and antenna that allows them to use it. The system works by beaming a pulse of electricity in the form of a RFID signal from the reader to the chip on your card, the chip will then energize and send back the information required for the transaction. RFID blocking or shielding stops the information being sent to and from the chip on your contactless card. This is done by blocking or shielding the antenna on your contactless card. Similar to a mobile phone, if you remove or block the antenna you get no bars and no signal. The chip on your card needs to pick up a RFID signal to work as it has no power source of its own. Without the a RFID signal the chip won’t do anything and is protected from sending out any information. There is a transaction limit of only £30 so it is designed for only small payments.

Your contactless debit or credit card can be read from a greater distance than you would expect depending on the strength of the reader, your cards can be read through clothing (i.e. pockets) and even through a leather wallet or purse. For the best possible security it is always recommended to shield your contactless debit and credit cards so they cannot be read until you want them to be read. RFID blocking or shielding wallets give you the best protection and keep your cards and personal details safe from being accidentally read.

MGB wallets are RFID shielded to give you maximum protection keeping your contactless card details and personal information safe. We use a special patented radiation shielding material that is used as lining for all the card pockets and even the change pockets. This ensures that everything in your wallet is protected. We did however add a special travel card pocket inside each wallet. The travel card pocket is insulated from the rest of the wallet and allows you to use an oyster card to travel on the tube or buses without taking the oyster card out of your wallet. As the special travel card pocket is insulated from the rest of the wallet it is the only pocket that can be read by an oyster card reader, everything else in the wallet is completely shielded.

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